At funerals in Ireland there is an age old tradition of a lone piper playing a traditional air or hymn at the graveside.  The pipes distinct sound stirs the emotions and provides a memorable send off.

The following are examples which I have played at and will give you some options to consider;

  • Playing as the hearse arrives at church from the funeral home or family home.
  • Playing during the mass or ceremony if requested
  • Playing at the end of the mass or ceremony as the casket is taken to the hearse
  • Playing in front of the hearse when it arrives into the graveyard
  • Playing ‘Amazing Grace’ or other requested tune / hymn after graveside prayers

Each funeral is unique and the above examples can be used in total or as a combination depending completely on your needs.

Timing is important when booking funerals, so if you would like to hire a bagpiper to play at a funeral please contact Joe via email or Mobile 087 274 5093 to discuss arrangements and availability.

Suggested Funeral Tunes

·         Amazing Grace
·         Going Home
·         Fields of Athenry
·         Raglan Road
·         Abide with Me
·         She moved through the Fair
·         Believe me if all those endearing young charms
·         The Flowers of the Forrest
·         The Mist Covered Mountains
·         The Skye Boat Song
·         Danny Boy
·         The Dark Island

Other tunes and ballads can also be played on the pipes and if you have specific requests, please let Joe know in advance so he can prepare accordingly.